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Business Success. It’s a Mind Game.

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Real Breakthroughs—in Sales and Company Culture. 

At Designed Excellence, we understand the problems inherent in constructing meaningful change. We provide the resources and support necessary to improve company culture and take sales performers to an altogether new level.

Inspired Performance

We help business professionals discover the tools they need to develop a more balanced, integrated life, while creating and maintaining a successful career.

Unparalleled Business Results

We work with you to forge a new organizational culture based on common goals and values. And we build and coach high-performance sales teams.

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“Train people well enough so they can leave. Treat them well enough so they don’t want to.”

-Richard Branson

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Our Suite of Program Offerings

We help you generate substantial business results while creating an exceptional quality of life for your employees.

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Employee Engagement Program

Employee engagement matters. A company culture that facilitates employee optimism and enthusiasm means lower turnover and better company performance. And employees who are loyal will perform their jobs more effectively. We’ll work with you to create a dynamic work culture where desired behaviors are consistently demonstrated.

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Sales Enhancement Program

Want a sales force that eclipses the competition? If you want to take your sales force to the next level, your sales force must take themselves to the next level (because it only happens in that order). That’s exactly what we will help you do, and faster than you ever realized is possible. We’ll help amp your sales team’s performance so they exceed their goals.

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We’ll Help Your Employees:

Define and achieve their goals

Design an achievable plan for long-term success and growth

Enhance their professional performance

Take meaningful action to accelerate their personal and professional growth

Develop strategies for overcoming challenges and roadblocks

Improve the various dimensions of their lives

Identify and address their personal and professional challenges

Realize their potential


“Thank you for all of your work here at Dibble Trucking. Your program has definitely helped our company move forward in a very positive direction. Once again, thank you for making a difference!”

-Ron Dibble, President, Dibble Trucking


Our Partners Include:

realtors / banks / retailers / insurance companies / nonprofit agencies / schools and universities / hospitals / logistics companies / aftercare facilities / social workers/ organizations 

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Immediate and Radical Change | Good For You, Your People, And Your Business.